Monday, November 23, 2009

Top 10 Pop Christmas Albums 2009

Christmas will coming soon, many new albums of Christmas music are released to celebrate this wonderfull day. From year to year many new albums of Christmas music are released, and what about in this year, in Christmas 2009 ? This year's releases range from a collection from an American Idol to albums by legendary singer-songwriters. These are the 10 most eagerly awaited new pop Christmas albums for 2009.

1. David Archuleta - 'Christmas From the Heart'

David Archuleta's second studio album is a Christmas collection. His warm, inviting voice would seem a perfect match for holiday music. The album includes a duet with Charice and a new Christmas song "Melodies of Christmas" written by David, his father Jeff Archuleta and two other songwriters.

In stores October 13, 2009.

2. Sting - 'If on a Winter's Night...'

Sting's new release is a collection of songs meant to conjure up the winter or "season of spirits." He takes traditional British carols and lullabies as a starting point. A wide range of guest instrumentalists are featured playing such traditional instruments as Northumbrian pipes and metal string Scottish harp.

In stores October 27, 2009.

3. Bob Dylan - 'Christmas in the Heart'

The latest studio album from the legendary Bob Dylan is a collection of holiday classics. All proceeds from this album go to Feeding America to help feed people in need across the US.

In stores October 13, 2009.

4. Andrea Bocelli - 'My Christmas'

Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli is tremendously popular around the world. This is his first holiday collection. His songs will be a major part of an upcoming PBS holiday special.

In stores Novmeber 3, 2009.

5. Neil Diamond - 'A Cherry Cherry Christmas'

Neil Diamond has experienced a tremendous resurgence in popularity in recent years. This is his third holiday collection and includes the original song "A Cherry Cherry Christmas" that references a number of his past hits.

In stores October 13, 2009.

6. Jackson 5 - 'Ultimate Christmas Collection'

This collection includes the original 1970 Jackson 5 Christmas album plus loads of extras including a rare unreleased Michael Jackson Christmas song.

In stores October 13, 2009.

7. Michael McDonald - 'This Christmas'

This is the third holiday collection to be released by blue-eyed soul master Michael McDonald.

Released September 29, 2009.

8. Straight No Chaser - 'Christmas Cheers'

Originally formed at Indiana University in 1996, Straight No Chaser is one of the most popular a capella singing groups.

In stores November 3, 2009.

9. Sugarland - 'Gold and Green'

This is the first Christmas album from country duo Sugarland. It includes five original songs.

In stores October 13, 2009.

10. Irish Tenors - 'Irish Tenors Christmas'

The trio of Irish tenors have reached tremendous popularity through a series of PBS shows. They now lend their voices to a collection of holiday songs.

In stores October 6, 2009.